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Commercial Truck Wraps

Does your business have trucks as part of its transportation assets? Do you use tracks to make deliveries, or perform specialized tasks for your clients and customers?

Custom vinyl truck wrapIf so, you should use their large surfaces to display your brand message, contact information, and or logo.

This strategic form of marketing increases your brand visibility enormously. Having your preferred message displayed on your company trucks means that it is visible to fellow road users along the road, to pedestrians on the streets, and anyone who happens to look at your track. Consider having your fleet of truck displaying a coherent message wherever they are. The fleet of trucks will effectively build brand recognition, spreads your message to a wide audience. Importantly, it gives your clients and customers the impression that you are professional and you are serious about your business, not only in the present but also moving into the future.

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High-Visibility Brand Marketing Tool

Branded work truck wrapDriving around your city in a mundane, nondescript car means that you blend into the surrounding amongst other cars. On the other hand, having your company trucks custom wrapped by Diamond Signs and Graphics means that you stand out enormously. Your brand will be recognized more, people will walk up to you more, and your phone will ring more with people seeking your products or services.

Wrapping your vehicle gives you an effective marketing platform that provides consistent branding opportunity for your company. Although you may not realize it, people tend to use the same routes whenever they move around, be to and from work or to shopping centers. In this regard, while driving your company car that we custom wrapped, you are essentially passing the same people over and over again.

This effectively means that you become easily recognizable over time, much the same as the guy always standing at the corner is easily recognizable. Importantly, your brand and your branding messages become easily recognizable and easy to remember. Therefore, Diamond Signs and Graphics custom wraps turn your trucks to attention grabbing works of art that reinforce your message among the people you serve as you drive along.

Completely Customized for Your Needs

Custom Food Truck WrapAt Diamond Signs and Graphics, we fully appreciate that no two companies are the same. As such, each company requires unique marketing messaging and a custom wrap that suits their needs, a wrap that is attractive, and importantly, a wrap complements your vehicle size and form. We have skilled and experienced designers and technicians who are adept at producing perfect wraps and graphics for your vehicle. We will help you determine the best product for you.

Diamond Signs and Graphics designs, manufactures, and installs:

  • Full Truck Wraps
  • Partial Truck Wraps
  • Perforated Window Film
  • Custom Truck Graphics, Stickers, & Decals
  • Vehicle Magnets

It is common for businesses to utilize a variety of car types; from RV’s to ATV’s. As such, we have honed our skills to producing cohesive custom wraps that perfectly fit the variety of cars that exist in the market. Have a cohesive design in as far as custom wraps are concerned ensures that you retain brand consistency across your fleet of cars.

Protect Your Vehicle Investment

Protective truck wrapWhile many businesses will invest in vinyl wrapping for the marketing purposes, there are more benefits to accrue from the wraps. For starters, the durable vinyl film that we use to wrap your car provides exceptional shielding for your car. This means that the wrap provides protects the factory paint job that your car comes and is thus less susceptible to road wear. Given that business cars are long terms investments, taking care of the cars to increase the lifespan, value, and longevity of the car is a no-brainer.

That said, you should note that proper installation is critical to ensure that your wrap is attractive and provides the expected long-term protection. Our team of experienced vinyl wrap installers will handle the entire process, from start to finish. This ensures that the vinyl wrap will perform as expected.

Complete Truck Wrap Manufacturer

Branded Work Truck WrapWe take pride in providing the full spectrum of vinyl wrapping services. We begin by offering consultation services, designing the wrap to meet your needs, fabricating the wrap, installing your approved truck wrap and maintaining/repairing the wrap. Importantly, every single one of these steps is performed by a trained and experienced professional.

In the case of wrap-maintenance and repair, whether we handled your wrapping project or not, we will help to keep it in tip-top shape.

Free Truck Wrap Consultation

We believe that your company brands deserve to be visible. We also believe that protecting your company trucks gets you more value out of your assets in the long run. As your local vinyl wrapping partner, let Diamond Signs and Graphics help you make your brand visible with attractive graphics. additionally, let our high-quality and durable wraps protect your truck.

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